My research interests revolve around:
  • Bayesian inference & Markov models
  • Sparse (off-the-grid) analysis
  • Time-frequency transforms properties
with applications in:
  • Fluorescence and tomographic diffractive microscopy
  • Remote sensing images
  • Physiological signals
  • Astronomical images
  • Medical images

PhD Students

  • (2018 - 2022) Somar Karheily: sEMG time frequency features for hand movement classification [url]
  • (2019 - 2022) Asemare Mengistie Taddese: High-resolution tomographic diffractive microscopy: sample scanning optimization and 3-D quantitative polarimetric imaging [url]
  • (2020 - ongoing) Sonia Ouali: Statistical image processing in optical microscopy [url], in collaboration with the LVBE.
  • (2022 - ongoing) Kodzo Egbetowonya: Statistical estimation of cloud top height through active and infrared measure, in collaboration with the LMD.
  • (2022 - ongoing) Simon Schabat: Automated cytogenetic analysis for telomere quantification telomeres and associated aberrations, together with Cell Environment.


Im am also involved in: